How To Strip A DLL

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This page is a guide on how to 'strip' the Inscryption .dll file, or other .dll files that may need to be stripped. This guide assumes that you know what a dll is, and how to obtain the Inscryption Assembly-CSharp dll.

What does stripping a .dll mean, and why do I need to do it?[edit | edit source]

A 'Stripped' .dll refers to a .dll file in which all of the private variables have been systematically replaced with publicized versions in order to make the programming process easier. In many cases it is necessary to strip a copy of the Inscryption Assembly C-Sharp dll before adding it as an assembly. Things such as the rulebook description of Sigils are private variables, meaning that one cannot set a custom rulebook description unless they are using a stripped .dll.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Step 1. Download the latest release of NStrip[edit | edit source]

NStrip is the program that will strip the dll. It can be obtained from this link to it's Github releases.

Step 2. Open Command Prompt and place your files[edit | edit source]

Once Command Prompt is open, you will need to drag the NStrip dll you downloaded into it. Once NStrip has been dragged in, type a space and drag the dll you wish to strip into command prompt after it.

Step 3. Run the command[edit | edit source]

Once both files have been dragged into Command Prompt, you will need to type another space, and the characters: -p

Press Enter, and the stripped .dll should be outputted to the same file from which you dragged the original dll.