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Namespace DiskCardGame
Type Enum
Inherits System.Enum
From Base Game

A CardMetaCategory is a type of flag that can be applied to a CardInfo. It usually appears as part of a List<T>, as a list of flags for a card.

All Categories[edit | edit source]

A list of all meta categories and their uses is as follows:

ChoiceNode[edit | edit source]

Makes this card a possible choice when a player enters a choice node.

TraderOffer[edit | edit source]

The Trader will offer this card to the player for the cost of either a Rabbit Pelt or Wolf Pelt.

Part3Random[edit | edit source]

This card is one of the possible cards the player can get from the Gift Bearer sigil.

Rare[edit | edit source]

Does two things:

  1. The Trader will offer this card to the player for the cost of a Golden Pelt.
  2. Makes this card a possible choice for boss drops.

NOTE: This category will not give a card the appearance of a rare card. To do that, see CardAppearanceBehaviour.Appearance.
NOTE: If you use this category on a card, consider removing `ChoiceNode` and `TraderOffer` from that card.

GBCPack[edit | edit source]

Makes this card available in card packs in Act 2.

GBCPlayable[edit | edit source]

TODO: Add description for this

NUM_CATEGORIES[edit | edit source]

This is not a category. Rather, the integer associated with this constant refers to the number of categories present in the base game.

Example Usage[edit | edit source]

A common use case for meta categories is via a list that can then be passed into the API. Here is an example of such a list:

var metadata = new List<CardMetaCategory>() {