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Installation:[edit | edit source]

Installation (game, automated):[edit | edit source]

This is the recommended way to install BepInEx on the game.

1. Download and install Thunderstore Mod ManagerR2ModMan

2. Click **Install with Mod Manager** button on top of the page

3. Run the game via the mod manager

Installation (manual):[edit | edit source]

If you are installing this manually, do the following:

0. Install BepInEx

1. Extract the archive into a folder. **Do not extract into the game folder.**

2. Move the contents of `BepInExPack_Inscryption` folder into the game folder (where the game executable is located).

3. Run the game. If everything runs correctly, you will see BepInEx console pop up on your desktop.

4. Follow the game running instructions below:

Installation Manual Sub Info:[edit | edit source]

1. Make 2 Folders in the BepInEx Folder called `patchers` and `monomod`

2. Install and place: API Patcher into `monomod`

3. Install and Place: MonoMod Loader and, MonoMod into `patchers`

4. Place the Plugins folder in the Zip into `plugins`

Other Info:[edit | edit source]

For information on how to Mod the game using the Api visit this website.

For information on how to Mod the game using the JsonLoader visit: this website.